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Target the Right Audience

Find out if your site is targeted and missing out on big opportunities. Most businesses are missing a lot of simple things that alone can turn their site around.

Call Customers to Action

Is your site saying the right thing and giving clients the opportunity to connect with you day or night? The report includes opportunities to convert more visitors into customers even while you sleep. We not only design our clients sites to convert into business but measure changes.

Be Found First

Connect with millions of people actively looking for your product service offerings by finding out what search engine opportunities you might be missing out on. We show opportunities to grow your business by being found for things your clients are looking for based on historic data and actionable metrics that we know will put you in front of the crowd.

Cut the Fluff

We provide actionable data that you can implement immediately for benefits and can do it for you cost effectively. We're known for honesty, integrity and putting our client interests first. You won't be dragged into unecessary meetings with tons of paper work unless it's relevant to improving your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this guide really help me get more business?

Yes, you can absolutely grow your business with your site but it means saying the right things as people are looking for very specific product service offerings. Your site should educate them with the who, why, where, when and how while solving their problems so they feel confident investing in you. Think of your site as an extension of yourself representing you 24/7/365 a year. Most sites do not function properly and are not focused enough to convert business without help.

I work in a specialized industry. Will these tips be applicable to my company?

We've worked with all sorts of people. I recall one client that had a porta-potty company that we mentored on how to blog. They got a call at 5 in the morning asking for their services and found them from their blog content. We literally can't think of a business that can't benefit from digital marketing. Your clients are looking to learn about you, your product service offerings and how you can help them. If you're not putting out market focused content out that solves their problems then they'll go to the competition instead. After 17 years we absolutely know how to focus and provide the market research to give you actionable data that has in the past opened up new clients for our customers. It might seem like you're saying a lot of the same things as others but saying it in a comprehensive way while using the words people are using to find businesses like yours makes all the difference in the world.

Does writing better copy really matter?

Great copy helps your audience feel connected to your brand and inspired to take action. A well-written ad increases conversions-and makes you more money. However, we do way more than help you get your content right. SEO and digital marketing is literally hundreds of metrics that algorithms weigh to determine whether one page ranks over another company page.

Where did you learn these tips?

In 2001 when I started we didn't have a name for SEO but that's when I first started building sites for others. Over time I noticed things like links to sites driving more traffic and changing more words helping the pages be found first for different things. Since then competition has become considerable and there's over 500 changes to search engines alone per year. We use pay per click (PPC), content and SEO to drive traffic. All of these things depend and benefit each other in their own way. As an integrated digital marketing provider all these are provided in house at Making 8 Inc from concept to implementation.

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